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Career Services

Beyond The Classroom

At the National Trade Institute, we strive to see our students achieve their goals, not just with the curriculum but in the industry they’ve trained for and prepared to enter.

  • Resume Assistance
  • Interview Preparation (Mock)
  • Job Fairs
  • Connect with Employers

Applications, Resumes & Interviewing

We can help you with designing your resume, offer tips on writing it, help you with employment applications, and more. We can help you with interviewing skills, give you advice on professional appearance, and offer helpful advice on how to follow up after your interviews.

Career Services to Help Every Student

Our Career Services Department are staffed to be able to work with every student upon completion. You’re not just a number, and you won’t have to get on a waiting list to speak with Career Services. In fact, we may even reach out to you first.

The goal of NTI is to make you feel comfortable, supported and a part of something gratifying that will help you make a difference in your future.

Frequently Asked Questions About NTI’s Career Services Department

General Questions
When is the best time to start contacting a Career Services Representative?
As soon as possible. You can speak with a Representative on your first day at the National Trade Institute. Think of us as your personal career advisor: answer questions you have about your program, your resume, employment options, interviews, and more. We’re here with you every step of the way. (Additional requirements for certification may be required)
Do I have to contact the Career Services Department at the National Trade Institute, or will they contact me?

You can approach this in whatever manner works best for you. Your first meeting with our department usually happens during your tour of the campus. The door is always open any time you want to meet with your representative.

Do I have to pay for the help I get from your Career Service Department?

All help you receive from us with creating your resume, interviewing tips, advice on professional appearance, and more – is included in the cost of your tuition. (Additional requirements for certification may be required)

How will Career Services help me search for potential employment in my field of completion?

We will help you:
– Identify jobs in your industry that you are qualified for.
– Modify your resume to the role you’re applying for.
– Go through a mock interview, so you feel more prepared when you meet with potential employers face to face.
Choose the right outfit to impress your interviewer.
– Follow up with the company you interviewed with to see how you did, get feedback for future interviews, and help you stay connected.

How many times can I contact and speak with the National Trade Institute's Career Services?
Whether you are a new student just getting started or completed your course work a long-time , our services never terminate. Let us help activate your future and contact us today

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